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Do I have to purchase a ticket before I can select a Tee Time?

  • Yes, individuals must purchase a recreation or tournament pass before they can select a tee time AND for a tee time to be valid.  After purchase, patrons will receive a confirmation email that will contain a link to sign up for a tee time.  

When and where will the event occur?

  • August 26 at Rider’s Field in Frisco, TX.

What does the tournament pass cover?

  • The tournament pass covers entry to play the course at Riders Field as well as having your score officially recorded for a chance to win cash & prizes. Top 3 places win. Scores will be displayed throughout the event on the LED scoreboard. 

What does the recreation pass cover?

  • The recreation pass covers entry to play the 12-hole course at Riders Field.

Are the competition pass and tournament pass different?

  • Yes, the tournament pass covers event entry and recording of the score, and the competition pass covers unlimited attempts at the distance, speed, and putting competitions.

How do I win prizes?

  • Prizes will be awarded to registered winners of competitions as well as those who successfully hit the prize pins in the long distance accuracy competition.

Can I win more than 1 prize?

  • Contestants will be limited to one (1) prize or cash win per competition. (Tournament adult/youth , Long Distance Accuracy, Speed, Accuracy, & Putting.

Do I have to be on-site to claim a prize?

  • ​​Yes, tournament winners will be notified and will have to return to the ballpark to pick up their prize.  Prizes will not be shipped or delivered. 

Do I have to be on-site to participate in a Tie Breaker?

  • ​​Yes,  a tie breaker closest to the pin throw will take place at approximately 8:30pm to determine the order of winners.

How much does it cost to do everything?

  • ​​$90 plus taxes and fees to submit a tournament score, participate in with a competitions pass, and one purchase for the long distance accuracy throw. 

Can I bring in my own food & drinks?

  • No outside food or beverages will be permitted other than water and all bags will be checked when entering.

  • No coolers will be permitted.

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